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New LEED v3 Checklists

LEED v3 ChecklistsIt’s like Christmas (almost)!!! You can find the brand new checklists and reference guides for LEED version 3 below (scroll down the page about halfway and look for “Download the Checklist” link for the Excel document).

We have a hard copy of the NC reference manual in the office. When you’re done with it, please bring it back to it’s home in the architectural library.

By the way… for Higher Education projects you can choose to use LEED NC or Schools.

Some of the Rating Systems are still in the Pilot testing phase, as indicated below.

LEED for New Construction

LEED for Schools

LEED for Existing Buildings

LEED for Healthcare:

LEED for Core and Shell

LEED for Commercial Interiors

LEED for Retail (Pilot Version)

LEED for Homes (Pilot Version)

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