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Best Products of 2009…? You decide.

Rose 2204/Fire Farm Lighting


Need a little inspiration for the New Year?

Get lost in the complete list of Interior Design magazines ‘Best Products of 2009’, Click here.

Several items I spotted we are currently using in new projects (Big Ass Fans, Bernhardt Allee Chair). This is a great resource to find great new designers and manufacturers on everything from lighting to kitchen fixtures to outdoor furniture and more.

Sharpen Your Presentation Skills

Pecha Kucha. 

What is Pecha Kucha?  Pecha Kucha is a presentation format that works to develop fast efficient ways of relaying information to other people.  It is based on the idea that each presentation has only 20 slides and each slide is up for only 20 seconds, therefore each presentation is only 6 min 40 seconds.

I took part in this presentation style a few times when I was at UO and can say you learn a lot about how to present information both graphically and verbally when you are constricted to this format.  Plus if a presentation is bad you only have to sit through 6 min 40 seconds of it.

Just thought others maybe interested in learning/trying it.

Kaiser Santa Rosa Emergency Fuel Project

On Wednesday December 16th, a significant milestone in the Kaiser Santa Rosa project was reached when the new emergency fuel tank was landed on its pad.  The project, which grew out of a conversation with the Hospital in January 2009, involves adding a new 15,000 gallon above-ground fuel tank with provision for an additional 15,000 gallon tank in the future in the yard at the hospital.  Currently, the hospital is served by a 10,000 gallon underground tank that is 22 years old and reaching the end of its service life.  The new tank and fuel system will allow the hospital to decommission their existing underground tank at a future date while keeping emergency systems available without interruption.

Trailer and tank blocking traffic on Mendocino Ave.

Missed it by that much . . .

Backing the tank down the fire lane, there wasn’t much room for error.  Here, he avoids a light standard by ¾ inch.  It should be noted that the driver kept his elbow out the window for the entire time he was backing this massive tank down a very narrow fire lane.

The tank leaves the trailer.

Two men spin the 45,000 pound tank with two lines.

Of course, the tank was oriented backwards on the trailer, so it had to be rotated 180 degrees.

The tank has landed.

And there it is.

While this isn’t the most photogenic project we’ve done for the Hospital, when completed our work will significantly improve the hospital’s ability to serve our community.

We got authorization from the Owner in May and were able to permit the project through OSHPD and have the tank onsite 7 months later, which is testimony to the good work of Chris Baumbach and Simon Hsieh and the working relationships we’ve developed with HMH, Peterson Mechanical and OSHPD.

CHICAGO-Three Buildings

Tuesday at noon I’ll be presenting three buildings I visited in Chicago in early November. The New Modern Wing of the Chicago Art Institute is Renzo Piano’s latest work in the US. The daylighting of the galleries is spectacular. I also visited the Klarchek Information Commons at Loyola University of Chicago. This three story commons sits at the edge of Lake Michigan and uses a very sophisticated natural ventilation system. The Spertus Institute for Jewish Studies is the newest landmark on Michigan Avenue. The faceted  glass facade encloses gallery and library spaces within a daylit lobby. The detailing of this  building is very nice. Hope to see you at noon on Tuesday.–Alan

Catch Up With the Title 24 Seminar

In case you hadn’t heard… the high performance design we’re doing today is soon going to be the standard.  For myself, the presentation today on updates to Title 24 was a wealth of great information. Some highlights include:

– New requirements for the use of rigid insulation
– Roof reflectance ratings are now measured by ‘aged’ reflectance (3 years)
– Daylighting requirements of 50% for certain spaces over 8,000 sq. ft.,
– Multi-level photocell daylighting controls mandatory requirements for classrooms, conference rooms, and more…

If you want to catch up, you can find it here:

Title 24 Updates, by Martyn Dodd of Energy Soft LLC

“Marketing Essentials” PD Series 1st Session Focuses on Social Networking

The Marketing 101 committee has graduated its attendees from their introductory course.  The revamped program, now called “Marketing Essentials,” is integrated with the Professional Development track at TLCD, and will offer AIA credit whenever possible.  Perhaps the biggest improvement to the program, however, is the new lunch-hour time slot in place of evening trainings.

Social Media Bandwagon

For its maiden training session, Marketing Essentials offered information about Social Networking.  Sara, Jaime and Marina gave a presentation outlining the definition of social media, pros and cons of its use, and gave some live examples of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  View the presentation here:  Marketing Essentials_Social Media.

Holiday Food Drive in Full Swing!

Just one week after kicking off the TLCD 1/2 Ton Holiday Food Drive, our amazing team has donated over 470 pounds of food! The goal is 1,000 pounds of food for the Redwood Empire Food Bank and we are just about half way there. Remember, TLCD will match $1 for every pound of food donated, so keep the canned goods and staples coming. The food drive will continue through the New Year and will end on Wednesday, January 6th.

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