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“Marketing Essentials” PD Series 1st Session Focuses on Social Networking

The Marketing 101 committee has graduated its attendees from their introductory course.  The revamped program, now called “Marketing Essentials,” is integrated with the Professional Development track at TLCD, and will offer AIA credit whenever possible.  Perhaps the biggest improvement to the program, however, is the new lunch-hour time slot in place of evening trainings.

Social Media Bandwagon

For its maiden training session, Marketing Essentials offered information about Social Networking.  Sara, Jaime and Marina gave a presentation outlining the definition of social media, pros and cons of its use, and gave some live examples of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  View the presentation here:  Marketing Essentials_Social Media.

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  1. vanessaottenbreit #

    Great presentation guys. LOVE the new lunch time slot! I kind of missed the discussion part. I always enjoy hearing the different perspectives in our firm. Maybe if it’s tons of content we could do a two-part series? How about offering a challenge to people related to the topic, to keep people thinking about how to integrate it… Maybe, sign up for a FB account! Write your first tweet!

    December 17, 2009

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