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Off to the Gulf

While we will be sleeping Tuesday night, Jaime will be on a red-eye flight heading for Louisiana. Monday morning a call came from his past life asking if he could help with bird rescue at the Gulf of Mexico as the BP spill approached the shoreline. Prior to his life in architecture Jaime was  a wildlife  biologist with the International Bird Rescue Research Center. For the next two weeks  he will be helping organize bird rescue centers and training volunteers for what promises to be an extended environmental crisis in the gulf.  You might want to check  out this link on the IBRRC site: It is a bio of Jaime’s past work on bird rescues at oil spill sites.

In an email exchange Monday, I asked Jaime how they would deal with a spill this big?  Every day the blown out well is pouring multiple Exxon Valdez tank loads into the gulf. Jaime replied: “I am not sure. Each time is different. Hopefully they are pulling in lessons learned from past spills and applying them to this one. Part of the issue is that although the product spilt is the same each time,  the environment is different and requires new solutions to a similar problem. With all of the marshland, mangrove forest and swamp exposed to the gulf,  this is going to be challenging. It will be interesting to see what kind of defense BP and the Coast Guard is mounting against the slick”.

So while we feel exhausted from hitting the return key for long hours, we can think of Jaime working what will likely be  twenty-hour wet and oily days. We wish him all the best and hope for blog posts from the front.


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