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Leslie Smith recognized as a Revit Certified Professional

I recently received a notice though AUGI (Autodesk Users Group International) announcing the Autodesk Certification Roadshow.  Free certification testing was being offered for one day only in eight different cities. San Francisco was listed as one of the host cities so I decided this was an offer too good to pass up and registered to participate. As a longtime Revit user, I felt pretty confident in my knowledge of the program but felt it would be beneficial to have official documentation of my level of proficiency from Autodesk.

As a tool for preparation Autodesk provided a “roadmap”, a list of topics that would be included in each exam.  I also blitzed through the book “The unofficial Revit 2011 Certification Exam Guide” by Elise Moss.  It provided a good review and I even learned a few new things.

The Associate Exam is a 60 minute multiple choice test.  This was fairly basic, a good general overview.

The Professional Exam is a 90 minute hands on exam. You work through exercises in a Revit model and report answers to questions in the exam. This was more indepth, included the use of worksets, design options, modifying families, massing, etc. I felt the test structure itself was well organized and easy to use; all instructions were simple and easy to follow. I was able to finish both test well under the alloted time and yippee passed both. The tests are scored immediately, no waiting for results. So now I am officially recognized by Autodesk as a Revit Architecture 2011 Certified Associate & Certified Professional.  Bonus TLCD Architecture is listed too!

In addition to printed certificates, I have permission to use official Autodesk logos:

While in between tests, I had a nice conversation with the proctor and a representative from Autodesk regarding TLCD’s use of Revit and BIM in general. All in all a great experience and a real boost to my confidence.

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  1. Brian Wright #

    Congrats, Leslie. Sounds like something others in the firm should probably pursue. Thanks for blazing the trail!

    November 18, 2010
  2. Don Tomasi #

    Congratulations, Leslie!

    November 19, 2010

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