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A New Healthcare Experience for Patients, Family and Clinicians

Steelcase Health, Waiting room furniture, new trends in healthcare interiors

Steelcase Health Spaces – Transition + Waiting

By Domenica Sheets, CID, IIDA

I recently attended Neocon, North America’s premier trade show and conference on commercial interiors, products and evolving design trends. This conference, which is held at theMART in Chicago each year, allows our Interiors team to stay on top of the trends in all vertical markets, including Healthcare. As someone who has spent many years working on Healthcare projects at TLCD Architecture, I was particularly interested in how my observations matched with those of Steelcase, one of the leading manufacturers of furniture for hospitals, offices and classrooms.

This last week, representatives from Steelcase Health, and our Steelcase Furniture Account Manager gave a presentation at TLCD Architecture on new solutions for healthcare spaces. As designers and architects for our healthcare clients, they emphasized the need to create spaces that support communication and collaboration between patients, clinicians and family members so that everyone becomes a mutual participant in the patient’s health. Additionally, there is increasing need for productive and comfortable waiting or “transition” spaces for the family members whose day may have unexpectedly been put on hold while taking care of their loved one. 

Steelcase Health Spaces, Waiting room and transitional furniture, Exam rooms

Steelcase Health Spaces – Exam

As the “center” of the healthcare experience, exam rooms are not only for physical examinations, they are also used for consultations and for family members to receive instructions for at-home care. The typical exam room table is being replaced with residential-like recliners for the patient, and a comfortable lounge chair or sofa for the family member. The clinician is given an ergonomic stool and adjustable height table to remain at the same eye level as the patient and family member. Technology has also evolved and mobile carts for ipads or computer monitors can easily move to help the clinician face the patient and family member. The use of demountable walls (walls that can be relocated), and modular furniture can also support evolving technology and room uses.

Waiting or “transition” spaces are changing as well and play a significant role in improving the overall healthcare experience. Rather than row upon row of uncomfortable chairs facing one direction, today’s waiting room offers choices and supports a range of postures and activities. People waiting may need to pull out their laptop and work for a few hours, charge their phone, have a conversation, watch young children or take a rest.

It’s our role as Healthcare designers to accommodate these functions and provide furniture solutions that support a wide range of needs. I’m very excited to share and implement the new furniture introductions showcased at Neocon with my clients and the customers they serve.

Support our Local Farmers while eating healthy!

At Wine Wednesday last night, the office sampled a delicious box of organic fruit from a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) company.  The idea of the Wine Wednesday was to inform everyone of the advantages of buying organic produce while supporting local farmers.  Benefits include; eating ultra-fresh food with all the flavor and vitamin benefits, getting exposed to new vegetables you may have never tried and by getting your family members involved in the healthy eating as well.

Below is a list of the top 10 foods to eat organically.

    1. Strawberries
    2. Bell Peppers
    3. Spinach
    4. Cherries
    5. Peaches
    6. Mexican Cantaloupe
    7. Celery
    8. Apples
    9. Apricots
    10. Green Beans

Sidney R Garfield Center Open House

Yesterday, Bill, Julie, Suzanne and myself were invited to tour the Sidney R. Garfield, The Health Care Innovations Center to see the mocked-up medical spaces and to test out the new Steelcase Furniture Standards.  The Garfield Innovation Center is a living laboratory where ideas are tested and solutions are developed in a hands-on, mocked-up clinical environment.  The environments we toured were, a Patient Room, Micro Clinic, Innovation Refresh Area, NICU, C-Section Room, Labor + Delivery Room and at the end we tested out the different furniture seating options provided by Steelcase.

Another important element that we viewed and experienced in the Micro Clinic was Kaiser branding tool, the Total Health Environments.  The Total Health Environments is about creating innovative, people and eco friendly environments that are less sterile than in the past and are cost effective.  This was demonstrated by the use of fresh paint colors, sustainable materials such as linoleum flooring, recycled tile, the use of modular nurse stations, energy efficient lighting and testing of different types of light fixtures.

Check out the pictures from the Garfield Center.

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Thanksgiving Salad Recipe

Here is a yummy salad recipe that I would like to share for your Thanksgiving dinners.


Fit Force Thanksgiving Salad Recipe

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