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UL has developed a new search engine on their website, called “Fire Wizard,” to assist designers in locating appropriate UL assemblies based on construction parameters. I have tried the wizard and it definitely reduces the search time when compared to the original UL search directory.

To give it a try, go to

Nice improvement UL!


Article form "Life Safety Digest" winter 2011

Holding On To A LEED Certification

It takes a lot of effort to obtain LEED project certification. Do you know what potential pitfalls are out there to take it away? Read the article from Green Source Magazine’s blog titled “5 Ways Your LEED Project Can Be Challenged, Cancelled, or *GASP* Revoked!”. Just click on the logo above to view the article.

DSA Deferred Approval for AFSS to Be Eliminated

Click on the image to learn more

DSA has instituted Policy 10-01 which states that DSA will no longer accept projects with automatic sprinkler systems (AFSS) as a deferred approval. Beginning July 1, 2010, projects must be submitted with a complete AFSS plans, hydraulic calculations, product data sheets and seismic bracing design. Projetcs that do not have complete documentation will be rejected as an incomplete submittal. Refer to DSA publication “Plan Submittal Guidelines: Automatic Fire Sprinkler System (AFSS)” for specific design and submittal requirements.

Project Certification Conversion to LEED 2009 – One Project’s Experience

Wondering what the diefferences are between LEED v2.2 and LEED 2009 requirements? They are varied, and many. However, the attached article describes a real life experience of one project’s switch to the new rating system, describing the positive and negative issues. Well worth the read. Just click on the image to link to the article.


"Hard-Won Lessons From a LEED 2009 Early Adaptor" by Tristan Roberts;

New Sustainable Meat Source @ Santa Rosa Veterans Farmers Market

I ran into a new supplier of pasture raised, grass fed, hormone free beef at the Santa Rosa Veteran’s farmer’s market last Saturday.

John Ford, of John Ford Ranch in Willits, was on hand to sell his fine selection of beef. Though not a member of the Sonoma County Meat Buying Club, John is a local purveyor and looks forward to being at the Saturday market for awhile.

Santa Rosa Veteran’s farmer’s market hours are 8:30am to 12 noon on Saturdays. Check out their blog to learn more, and see a pic of John at

Please note: John mentioned that he will miss the upcoming Saturday, January 16, but will return the following week.

John Ford Ranch

A current price list is included. Enjoy!

TLCD Architecture Up to the 1,000 Pound Challenge!

Supreme thanks to all that participated in the 1,000 pound Redwood Empire Food Bank donation challenge! We exceeded expectations by compiling 1,037 pounds of food goods to give to the Food Bank. In addition, TLCD Architecture is donating $1 per pound up to the 1,000 pound goal. That’s a $1,000 dollar donation in addition to the food goods.

Special shout out to Bill McNearney, who nearly donated his full body weight in food product! We suspect he raided an old 1950’s nuclear fallout shelter likely hidden in his back yard. Ever wonder what 1,000 pounds of food looks like? Check out the photo!

Again, thanks to everyone for pitching in, and thank you TLCD for the cash donation and energetic support.

This is What 1,000 Pounds of Donations Looks Like

Accessibility… It Takes “Tolerance”

You know the drill.

Friday afternoon around 4pm… the general contractor for the new college student services building phones you and says the IOR is being unreasonable and is demanding that the newly installed water closet in the accessible toilet compartment be removed and completely reworked. Why? The IOR measured the clearance between the ceramic wall tile and the centerline of the water closet and it came out to 17-1/2″… 1/2″ short of the code required dimension of 18″. Is the IOR correct? Is the dimension finite?

Please take a few minutes to read the DSA Interpretation of Regulations document IR 11B-8, “Use of Predetermined Construction Tolerance Guidelines for Accessibility” to see what their take on the issue is. Understanding the rules makes the design and documentation process easier.

Find "Elmo" the naughty ADA clearance elf

Rockin’ with John Hunter

Among the various talents that our specwriter John Hunter possesses is the ability to jam with his boys on the banjo. John’s sons, Alex and Hugh, make up two-thirds of the local band Hoptown. Along with their lead singer, Roy Elders, Alex handles percussion while Hugh tackles the bass. Last Monday night Hoptown was the headliner at Finnegan’s in Novato, wich included a special guest performance by our very own John Hunter on banjo. John’s pickin’ skills provided a wonderful complimentary layer to¬† Hoptown’s eclectic style. If you are interested in seeing Hoptown perform (possibly with another guest appearance by JH?), they will be playing at the Black Rose in Santa Rosa on Armory Drive in the near future ( For more information on the Hoptown sound, check out their website at

Check out the Flicker link below to hear John’s banjo solo!

"Hoptown" with (L to R) John Hunter on Banjo, Ed Elder on vocals/guitar/harmonica, Alex Kamages on drums, Hugh Hunter on bass guitar

TLCD Revit Standards for Openings On the Way

We have been working to update and simplify the TLCD standards while integrating them into Revit. Have faith… they are on the way! Check out the storefront and curtain wall compenent family preview.

Revit Families

New Revit detail component families

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