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Parametric pumpkins and pie



Last week, TLCD Architecture once again hosted the Redwood Empire Revit User Group (RERUG) for their monthly meeting.  RERUG is a collective of Santa Rosa area AEC professionals who use Revit or BIM software and meet on a regular basis to educate each other by discussing how to utilize the Revit platform, sharing best practices, and bringing in speakers to bestow their expertise.  The monthly lunch meeting is organized through a partnership between Ideate  and TLCD, and this month the group got together for a show and tell so we could all do a little bragging about the work we do.  The presentations covered a wide variety of project types, including renderings of various projects, a video about how to model a parametric pumpkin, 3d scanning of a historic building damaged in the recent Napa earthquake, a sun path study for a shade structure to prevent algae growth at a municipal water treatment plant, and some Dynamo explorations of an in-house fabricated light fixture.  Even better, there was also pumpkin pie!



Digital Fabrication Arrives at TLCD Architecture!


TLCD Architecture’s first laser cutter arrived today amid a lot of excitement – and a demonstration that cut out the letters “TLCD” from a piece of wood. The freestanding unit (VLS 6.60) is designed and engineered for light manufacturing operations. We will use it to cut through a variety of media such as cardboard and acrylic, and to engrave various materials including metal. The unit is also capable of laser graphic imaging.

Our laser cutter will help create physical architectural ideas from sketches and 3-D programs (Rhino3D). The unit will be used to produce finished models, but we are most excited about the ability to produce study models that will be used in the process of design exploration.

This is the first of several tools that TLCD plans to acquire for our shop space at our new office in Museum on the Square.  These tools will allow us to more effectively explore new materials and technologies, and will allow us to better communicate our ideas.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Implementation Bootcamp

Guy Messick, Director of Design Technology at TLCD, will be an instructor for the BIM Implementation Bootcamp class at the California State University East Bay, Oakland Center Campus on September 7th, 2012 from 8:00am till Noon.  The Building Information Modeling Implementation Bootcamp provides students with the knowledge to develop a customized process, implementation plan, schedule, and task list addressing the specific needs of their firm regardless of size, type, and industry — from one-man operation to national firm, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management, or Contractor.

Program Objectives

  • Explore the challenges and benefits of adopting a 3D (BIM) approach to production and documentation.
  • Define a decision making process to plan the move to BIM.
  • Provide the tools necessary to create a realistic BIM implementation plan that responds to specific staff, financial, and schedule constraints.
  • Develop a process map, task list, and schedule for BIM implementation.

Who Should Attend

  • Strategic planners and decision-makers responsible for firm direction.
  • Technical and information system installation, maintenance, and support staff.
  • Applicable to the Architecture, Design, Engineering, Construction Management, and Construction industries.

Link to CSU information and registration:

PDF Info Sheet: BIM Implementation Bootcamp

Revit Technology Conference 2012

Guy Messick, TLCD’s Director of Design Technology just got back from the North American Revit Technology Conference (RTC) near Atlanta, Georgia.  In keeping with TLCD’s goal of being one the of leading firms utilizing Building Information Modeling tools, this conference is essential.  RTC is a unique, independent conference, covering all things Revit / BIM and the whole ecosystem that supports it. This aids TLCD in the quest for a better, smarter process, and a stronger, more sustainable AEC environment.  Guy will be bringing the conference back by presenting at the next Redwood Empire Revit Users Group as well as in-house sessions.  If you are looking to raise your BIM/VDC game, check out the 2013 conferences.  By the way, check out the picture of those cute models of the cow and elephant, they were created entirely in Revit, and 3D printed from the models. 

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TLCD Revit Outreach

Guy Messick, AIA, Director of Design Technology at TLCD Architecture, has ramped back up the Redwood Empire Revit Users Group (RERUG) after a run at AXIA Architects.  The first two meetings have been quite successful, and we invite you to attend future events, including the May 24th event focusing on Autodesk’s 2013 version of products.  We are partnering with Ideate, Inc., so they will typically be attending meetings to answer any questions you might have about your software, but no hard selling!  One of our recent events has inspired a similar event at the San Francisco Revit Users Group, coming up on May 9th (  Also, check out the RERUG LinkedIn group as well (  Hope to see you at an event soon!Image

TLCD Architecture Voted one of the Best Places to Work in North Bay!

TLCD Architecture is very proud to be voted one of the Best Places to Work in the North Bay Business Journal’s 6th annual survey! “This is an honor that is truly meaningful, and we thank each of our employees who participated in the survey… they all help to make this a best place to work”, said Don Tomasi, Senior Principal at TLCD Architecture.

Recognized in the 20-60 employee category, TLCD Architecture places a priority on developing it’s employees through licensure, professional development activities, seminars and ongoing training. In the spirit of “serious fun”, TLCD also has a long standing Wine Wednesday tradition, a workplace wellness program and a deep commitment to community involvement.

KA Connect 2011 – Talks Online

KA Connect is a knowledge and information management conference for the
AEC industry.  Thought leaders from all over the world come together San Francisco to share best practices, stories, and ideas about how they create, capture, and share knowledge in their firms.  This link:here will take you to the recorded talks from the 2011 conference – think TED for the AEC industry.

TLCD to present at Redwood Empire CSI Meeting

Guy Messick AIA, Director of Design Technology at TLCD Architecture has been asked to present at the March 3rd Redwood Empire CSI Monthly Dinner Meeting.  The subject will be “Small BIM”, with a focus on how smaller firms can utilize BIM methodologies.  See the flier for more information:March 3 Promo

Knowledge Architecture – KA Connect Event

KA Connect 2011 is a knowledge and information management conference for the AEC industry. Thought leaders from all over the world will come together to share best practices, stories, and ideas about how they organize information and manage knowledge in their firms.  Whether you are in Practice Leadership, Operations, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, BIM/CAD Management, or of course, IT, this event may well be of interest.  See link below
for more information:


What Happens in Vegas …

…will slowly filter into the HealthCare Studio and diffuse into the rest of the office.

Between Nov. 13-16 (yes writing this blog post took a while) Jamie and I attended the Health Care Design 2010 Conference in Las Vegas.  For those who have never heard of the Health Care Design Conference it is an annual conference of Health Care Designers, Facility Managers, and Health Care Providers that focus on the research and progress of design in the health care environment, particularly evidence based design. 

The 4 day event gave us the opportunity to be part of unique discussions on topics ranging from “Codes and Standards: How they Affect the Design of Patient Rooms” to the “Light Health and Energy Efficiency”.  In general the presentation focused on presenting research finding and lessons learned from around the world. Many of the topics I was involved in focused on Energy Efficiency in the Health Care environment and the design and theory of design of psychiatric facilities. In terms of the design of psychiatric facilities some of the most interesting discussion occurred around the difference in how risk management affect design in the US vs facilities abroad. US facilities tend to be designed in a very risk averse manner where the concern is placed on preventing every possible method of damage to both the facility and patient where as many of the facilities shown outside of the US exhibit less emphasis on preventing incidents and more focused on the design providing a healing environment.  To paraphrase on of the presenter (Stefan Lundin of White Arkiteker AB)  ‘we should design for the 95% percent of the time good things happen not the 5% of the time bad things happen. Because it is that 95% of the time that good design can help patients in these facilities.’  As side note another great psychiatric project to look at by BIG + JD is the Helsingor Psychiatric Facility. 

If anyone is interested in learning more about the lectures and discussions that were attended please let me know, in many cases we have digital versions of the presentations.

Additionally Jaime and I were also able to tour two different healthcare facilities in Las Vegas, the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health (by Gehry) and the Department of Veteran Affairs Las Vegas Medical Center.  Images of both of these facilities as well as images of Las Vegas will be available on the TLCD flickr account soon.  Although if you itching to see images of the Lou Ruvo Center along with a scattering of other images from Vegas you can see them now here.

On a Vegas note I was struck by Daniel Libeskind’s  new building ‘Crystals’ in City Center.  Of all the buildings on the Vegas Strip this one was probably the most well executed and cleanly detailed. The interesting part was that even given the angularity and organized chaos in the space it was one of the most calming spaces in Vegas to be in.  There are some additional photographs of the space I took in the same set of images linked to earlier (towards the bottom).

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